DHA 40

Dyes in History & Archaeology

British Museum, London

15-19 November 2021

Dyes in History and Archaeology (DHA) is an annual conference that focuses on the discussion of dyes and organic pigments used in the past. 
This includes their history, production, application and properties, as well as their analytical characterisation and identification, mainly in textile objects, but also on painted surfaces. Every year, the meeting attracts conservators, curators, (technical) art historians, craftspeople, artists, independent scholars, scientists and academics from museums, universities, research centres and other public or private institutions. See details of past meetings here

2021 marked the 40th annual meeting, first held in 1982, and a live event was planned to celebrate hosted by the British Museum, London. However, due to the on-going circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting was organized as an ONLINE event.

As this was an entirely ‘virtual’ conference, in what is a special anniversary year for DHA, it was decided to slightly alter the format, DHA speaker sessions’ from 15:00 – 17:00 GMT each day were organized during the week of 15th – 19th November 2021. 

These sessions included oral presentations and (in lieu of posters) quick-fire presentation rounds. A series of virtual gatherings and special events were held following the main speaker sessions. More details of the programme can be found here.

The event was free to attend but registration was required. 

Please note that papers from this meeting are being prepared for publication as soon as possible in 2022 for inclusion in a special anniversary edition of the DHA publication, which will be published by Archetype. More information soon.

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